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Enabling Interactive Modeling for the Novice through Idea Generation and Selection

We present IntuModels, a machine-assisted interactive modeling workflow to enable the novice to create 3D models. The workflow uses a phase-driven approach, including idea generation and selection, to stimulate creativity and assist users who are not familiar with generating design ideas and 3D modeling techniques. By transforming parametric models using continual input data controlled by users, IntuModels motivates users to intuitively generate a huge amount of 3D model options with a good diversity. For selecting from the created models, we design a balanced overview showing the models using clustering and staged tools to help the user view and understand the models correctly. We tested IntuModels with a sample of novices who were asked to create a wire-based jewelry model. Presented in thematic networks and quantitative charts, the results showed that the novice considered IntuModels to be intuitive to use and useful for creating models that exceeded their expectations for post-production.


Honorable Mention ACM Creativity and Cognition 2021



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